Use Direction: 

1-1.5 Ltrs/Acre

every 30 days through

fertigation or Drip irrigation.

CHITANG is a novel and innovative formulation of marine Chitosan Oligosaccharide derived from natural sources.

CHITANG COS has an optimized structure, engineered chain length, precisioned molecular weight and a uniform deacetylation which assures an improved interaction with the plant, thus assuring the best result in a natural way.

Mode Of Action

Signals plants to produce enzymes

Triggers plants defence mechanism

Stimulates DeNovo Synthesis

helps overcome

biotic & abiotic stress

develop new roots, shoots and leaves

abcefddfAsset 74.png


Reduces the Usage of  Fertilizers up to 50%

Reduces the Usage of Pesticides up to 50%

Increases the Marketable Yield from 15% to 30%

Reduced Crop Cycle

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