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  • CHITANG is a novel and innovative formulation of marine chitosan oligosaccharide derived from natural sources.
  • CHITANG COS has an optimised structure, engineered chain length, precisioned molecular weight and a uniform deacetylation which assures an improved interaction with the plant, thus assuring the best result in a natural way.

Mode Of Action

  • Chitang signals plants to produce enzymes
  • Chitang stimulates DeNovo Synthesis
  • Chitang triggers plants defense mechanism
  • Chitang helps the plant to overcome biotic & abiotic stress
  • Chitang induces plant to develop new roots, shoots and leaves
  • Chitang acts like a human vaccine in plant

Why Chitang?

  • Chitang is both stimulant and elicitor which makes it the unique, effective and best bio control.



  • Preventive Control Of Diseases From 50% To 95%
  • Reduces The Usage Of Fertilizers And Pesticides Up To 50%
  • Increases The Marketable Yield From 15 To 30%
  • Reduced Crop Cycle

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