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A natural polysaccharide that consists of a copolymer of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and D-glucosamine residues linked by beta 1,4 -glycosidic bonds.

A fertilizer of seed, leaf, fruit & vegetable coating, to increase plant product by stimulating the immunity of plants to protect against fungi, viruses & nematodes & to stimulate plant growth.



Mode of Action

Triggers the defensive mechanism in the plants acting much like a vaccine in humans.
Increases the health of the plant and helps the plant in fighting against the stress and pathogens in an effective manner
Enhances stem elongation, antagonizing viruses & boosting defense mechanism.


Fight water stress Due to Flood

Reduce Fertiliser Requirement

Fight water stress Due to Drought

Fight against Pests

Stem Elongation

Increase in yield up to 30%

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