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  • Chit'O'sun is a natural polysaccharide which consists of copolymer of N-acetyl-O-glucosamine and D-glucosamine residues linked by 161, 4 glycosidic bonds,

Mode Of Action

  • Chit'O'sun triggers the defensive mechanism In the plants acting much like a vaccine In humans.
  • Chit'O'sun increases the health of the plant and helps the plant in fighting the stress and pathogens in a effective manner,
  • Chit'O'sun enhances stem elongation, antagonising viruses & boosting defense mechanism.

Why Chit'O'sun?

  • In agriculture, Chit'011an : has bean used in seed, leaf, fruit &vegetable coating as a fertilizer and in controlled sgro chemical Meese, to Increase plant product by stimulating the immunity of plants to protect against fungus, viruses & nematodes & to stimulate plant growth.


  • Control diseases and Insect pest to tune of 50-95%
  • Minimize consumption of pesticides and fertilizers upto 50%
  • Remarkably Increase In yield upto 30%

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