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Magarsakthi is a unique natural Chitosan polysaccharide composed of randomly distributed glucosamine and N-acetyl-glucosamine monomers derived from the marine ecosystem.

Magarsakthi is designed with a specific degree of deacetylation and molecular weight for improving soil structure and promoting plant growth.


Magarsakthi gets degraded enzymatically without affecting the soil-borne beneficial rhizosphere biota at low concentrations and also induces the symbiotic exchange between plant and microbes

Mode of Action

When applied to soil, increases microbial chitinase activity, which may damage chitin containing nematodes, insects and fungi.
Alters the equilibrium of the rhizosphere, disadvantaging microbial pathogens and promoting the activity of beneficial microorganisms.


Spurs plant defence system against the pathogen

Enhances plant growth by improving nutrient uptake.

Decreases the rate of infection of plant roots by nematodes 

Controls fungal diseases

in crops

Improves root length, weight and shoot growth

Triggers germination rate

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