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Auraphyll products for Paddy crop

Paddy crop:

Paddy is one of the crops which need a wider area for cultivation. For a natural way of agriculture, to produce food for the consumers without any bad impact, to collect more grains in the spathe, to accumulate well-ripened grains, and from the period of sowing to reaping our Auraphyll products will help.

  • To get consistently vigorous seed growth through seed treatment- use Chitosun

  • By spraying Chitang and Mizuchi after planting the crop, the crop grows densely with strong roots

  • By spraying Mizuchi at the time of spathe forming, the spathe grows long and healthy

  • To get more well-ripened grains accumulated in the spathe -use Chitang.

How To Use:

For treatment of seeds spray Chitosun 10 to 50ml mixed in 1 l of water, Chitang 1-2 ml in 1lr of water, and Mizuchi 2-3 ml in 1lr of water

  • To control various forms of diseases in crops Vilasea can be applied. If needed Vilasea 3 – 5 ml that is mixed with 1 ltr.of water along with 3 ml of Neem oil and 3 ml of Cow urine be sprayed.

  • For better results use Vilasea A and B3 – 5 ml in equal proportion i.e. 1:1 in 1 ltr of water.

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