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Auraphyll products for Turmeric

Updated: Oct 27, 2022


Turmeric, an antiseptic and antivenomous product is highly produced in India. Sanghali in Maharashtra, India casts the largest fair of turmeric in Asia. Auraphyll products help in controlling any form of the disease in the crop and for development. In turmeric to obtain a high yield, control disease, and prepare the crop with the quality required for the market, naturally prepared Auraphyll products to help.

  • After planting, to stimulate growth of the root use Vaerer and Rhyzo. Spraying Mizuchi and Chitang, speeds up the process of bringing out new shoots.

  • Using Chitang, Mizuchi and Vaerer at the time of tuber formation will help increase the size of the tuber.

  • To maintain the turmeric crop well and to procure high yield naturally, use Vaerer and Rhyzo once in a month regularly.

  • Using Chitosun ensures the growth of the stem and stabilises intake of sustainable nutrients.

  • Before harvest, use Boomax to increase yield and to control crop diseases spray Vilasea.

How to Use:

  • Spray Chitang :- 1-2 ml mixed in 1lr of water, Mizuchi :- 2-3 ml in 1lr of water, Chitosun :- 3 ml in 1lr of water.

  • Boomax :- 0.5-1 ml mixed in 1lr of water.

  • To control diseases in crops, Vilasea can be applied. If needed Vilasea 3 – 5 ml that is mixed with 1 ltr. of water along with 3 ml of Neem oil and 3 ml of Cow urine be sprayed.

  • For better results use Vilasea A and B3 – 5 ml in equal proportion i.e. 1:1 in 1 ltr. of water.

  • Vaerer: - 1lr/acre along with required amount of water.

  • Rhyzo :- 1.5lr/acre mixed with water required be used in the root area.

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