Auraphyll: Our vision

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Aurophyll was built with an idea to acquire a sustainable and organic alternative for better yield. Hence, we ventured into the depths off the ocean to find a future efficient alternative. Our vision is to unlock the secrets of the marine ecosystem to benefit humanity. Our mission is to develop natural marine bio-actives that are non-toxic and biodegradable. Our aim is to develop innovative and sustainable products for healthy plants. As a result, our approach is to present this product for the global food chain that works as a catalyst to change the current global food scenario. Our company also works on making earth sustainable, by using products that aid in reducing global warming. With the ideology to make a difference, we at Auraphyll will be your relaying partners for attaining your goals in farming. Our motto is to strive to present a novel nature friendly, innovative product whose sustenance will ensure a healthier product with an intact ecosystem. The name Auraphyll is a derivative of the process of photosynthesis, where with the combination of sunlight and the pigment chlorophyll ensures that the plants are self sustaining. “Aura” is a derivative of the sun to symbolize an eternal and bright venture into innovative alterations to use as a bioresource for agriculture.

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