Mode of action : The Game changer

Yield is the most important notion that one can acquire during production of any business. Yield without any side effects and multiple benefits is a true game changer. The products that are used in Auraphyll are acquired naturally with the help of a compound called chitin extracted from sea creatures. This compound is considered to be a bio-stimulant as it helps and propagates the plants to acquire better fruiting and flowering along with exhilarated height. The multi-purpose of the product extends even to its capacity to help in fighting against infestations such as nematodes and fungi. The product also reduces the usage of pesticides leaving the soil untint with harmful chemicals. The company also has a series of products that fit the needs of the farmer; the products range from productive growth for plants to pro-active yielding. All in one- and personalized production can indeed put your marketing skill upfront in today’s demanding market.

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