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A unique natural product, derived from marine Bio-active material chitin.

Vaerer chitin formulation is optimally deacetylated with uniform molecular weight, engineered perfectly for protecting the root and activating the root systems and accelerating root growth.



Mode of Action

Stimulates the soil microorganisms to secrete enzyme chitanases
Chitanases dissolve, digest and puncture the cell wall and structural component of the insects, fungi and nematodes.
Stimulates the root system to produce new roots


Increases Harvest and yield

Enhances root and aerial system development allowing the plants  to reach greater soil volume.

Helps absorb more water and Nutrients

Directly Attacks Insects and Fungi

Strengthens the resistance and degree of lignification of the roots, making the roots less susceptible to drought,  hot and cold damages.

Vaerer prevents the nematodes

Increase the output by 20% - 50%.

Promote the crop grade and marketable yield.

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