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  • Vaerer is an unique natural product, derived from marine Bio-active material chitin.
  • Vaerer chitin formulation is optimally deacetylated with uniform molecular weight, engineered perfectly for protecting the root and activating the root systems and growth.

Mode Of Action

  • Vaerer stimulates the soil microorganisms to secrete enzymesí chitanases.
  • Chitanases dissolve, digest and punctures the cell wall and structural component of the insects, fungi and nematodes.
  • Chitanases increase production of chitanases enzyme in the soil, that needs to degradation of the cell wall of the parasitic nematode, eggs 0f nematodes and fungi.
  • Vaerer stimulates the root system to produce new root.
  • Vaerer increase absorption and update of minerals.

How it works?

  • When Vaerer is supplied, its organic ingredient deacetylated chitin mobilises the beneficial soil microbial communities to destroy the harmful NEMOTODES and stimulates the plant to produce new roots.


  • Increases harvest and yield.
  • Enhances root and AERIAL system development allowing the plant to reach greater soil volume Vaerer helps to absorb more water and nutrients.
  • Vaerar strengthens the resistance and degree of lignification of the roots, making the roots less susceptible to drought, hot and cold damages.
  • Vaerar directly attacks insects and fungi.
  • Vaerer Prevents the nematodes activates and effects of root and produces the resistance factor of bacteria, virus, fungus and nematodes.
  • Vaerer take roots rapidly, accelerates growth, solving the weak Growth and malnutrition effectively.
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients and essential materials.
  • Increase the output by 20% - 50%.
  • Promote the crop grade and marketable yield.

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