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  • Vilasea harnesses the power of biopolymer from natural marine sources and bio-similar of a unique protein.
  • Vilasea consists of natural, non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients. vilasea is a powerful weapon for the farmers against the harmful pathogens.

Mode Of Action

  • The cationic nature conveyed by the positively charged nh3+ groups of glucosamine, a fundamental factor contributing to its interaction with the negatively charged microbial cell surface, ultimately resulting in impairment of pathogenic microbial activities.

Use Direction

  • Vilasea "a" & "b" should be mixed in 1:1 ratio and kept for 30 minutes under shade condition. 3-5 ml/ltr of water depending on the farm conditions.


  • Vilasea turns on the stress defence and growth systems of the plant, resulting in healthier and more productive plant.
  • Vilasea usage will lead to stronger and healthier plants that is less susceptible to disease with increased yield and a shortened time to harvest.
  • Vilasea triggers signal throughout the plant to activate certain defense and growth responses. these vigorous responses to the threat of disease help the plant survive the stresses and other threats.
  • Vilasea disrupt, disintegrate, immobilize and eliminate the harmful pathogens without stressing the plants.
  • Vilasea ensures healthy farms and wealthy farmers.

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